Reiki is an ancient gentle natural healing technique created by Dr. Mikao Usui of Japan. Used to reduce stress, build the immune system and create greater healing in the body. Helpful in pre and post surgery for stress and recovery. Reiki can be used to help reduce the side effects of cancer treatments, anxiety, depression and can also help those in child birth and also in palliative care. Used in energetically clearing homes and businesses. Reiki is effective in physical and mental health related issues. These classes will include intuitive readings, aromatherapy, crystals and smudging.

Reiki can be sent as a distant healing for those unable to attend in person with all the benefits of being present.

Reiki Workshops

  • All Reiki levels available (min 4 people)
  • $175   Level I
  • $350   Level II
  • $450   Level III Master Level
  • Master Teacher Level also available, please ask for further details

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