About Us

Divine Grace Holistic Health is a center to treat people who are suffering from instability of the body and mind.  At Divine Grace Holistic Health we provide spiritual healing that incorporates a direct approach towards positivity. We conduct workshops, private and group sessions and classes that enlighten thoughts towards emotions and past life healing.


The vision of Divine Grace Holistic Health is to provide healing techniques that will assist people in achieving a better understanding of themselves emotionally and spiritually; to aid in clearer thought patterns, assist with repressed emotions and ultimately share the power of love in healing.


We believe and aim to provide the best healing for individuals at all levels mentally, physically and emotionally. We use advanced therapies and provide people with a safe and compassionate environment.


We at Divine Grace Holistic Health value the emotional wellbeing of our clients, thus we offer compassionate care and comfort to all.

About Karen Nickason

Karen Boothroyd Nickason, Holistic Practitioner & Reiki Master/Instructor, wishes for everyone to encounter the power to heal their body. Karen brings positivity and light to the lives of people. She believes that with minor changes to lifestyle and energy work dramatic transformations can happen for her clients. Born and raised in Gibsons, BC Karen at a young age started learning dance and eventually went on to open a Performing Arts school in Gibsons, one she ran for over 15 years.

Starting her own Flamenco dance company “Los Canasteros” Karen worked as a professional Flamenco dancer for several years. During this time Karen was opening up to her spiritual side of life which started with and evolved from meditation work to various different studies. It was at this time that Karen discovered Reiki. Pregnant with her second child, Karen started to use the therapies she had learned over the years on herself and her family.

Karen believes that all illnesses are result of unresolved traumas, emotional issues and experiences, deep grief and/or anger held within the body. Once released, healing can begin. Karen says she feels blessed and grateful to have found these amazing tools to help people reach their full potential in healing themselves and is always searching & studying new ways to help clients on their spiritual journeys.