Black Pearl

The Black Pearl Technique is a gentle non-invasive technique designed to relieve the brain & body of deep-seated traumas & stress.  The technique performs a primary role in the processing & memory of emotional reactions, the formation/storage of emotional events & fear responses such as the “freeze” response, rapid heartbeat, increases respiration and stress hormone release.  

This calming technique effectively relieves chronic worrying, removes fearful thinking and resets the nervous system to restore the flow of energy and well-being to the body.  Clients lay comfortably for 30 minutes (children) or 60 minutes (adult) while the practitioner uses of “massage like” techniques, sweeping motions and holds points to restore calmness to the body

Potential Benefits of Black Pearl

  • Releases any deep seated traumas & stress from the amygdala (almond shaped groups of neurons located deep within the medial temporal occipital lobes of the brain).
  • Uses massage techniques that focus on specific meridian energy points.
  • The technique allows the body, mind and soul to feel calm, to experience a peaceful balanced state that will create a sacred space for balance and healing to begin.
  • Black Pearl sessions will clear congested or blocked energy.
  • This technique will also aid in dealing with high levels of obsessions, emotions of bitterness any sort or self disappointment and self-anger.
  • When the systems are stress free, the amygdala shrinks and becomes like a black pearl.


Black Pearl Session Price

$120 – 90 min. session

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