“I met Karen years ago as my first Flamenco dance teacher and I was delighted to learn recently that she was a Reiki Master. We discussed having weekly treatments whilst I was going through chemo (my second time) and I really wanted to do something positive and uplifting to speed my healing from a holistic point of view. To say that our sessions have been profoundly amazing would be saying it in an understated way. Karen is truly gifted and gentle. As I am a Christian, I can say that she is sensitive to my faith and I feel completely comfortable in her lovely treatment room. It is wonderful joining along with Karen to facilitate healing and wellbeing together.”



“Karen is simply wonderful. It’s hard to even use words to truthfully describe how she has helped me. She’s my friend, my teacher, my therapist even my Dr. in a way at some points. There was a point in my life when Doctors couldn’t help me with my depression and anxiety and I turned to Karen for help. I still had to do the hard work of dealing with my issues but she helped me to over come my challenges so I could avoid taking medication. Karen has amazing listening skills. Not only has she help me expose my spiritual side – she has given me a great approach to protecting myself spiritually, mentally, and ultimately physically. Her influence on my life has been paramount and I highly recommend her to anyone.”


Andrew Dawson

“I have received many Reiki treatments from Karen over the years, and have always come away feeling better physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. Karen spends whatever time it takes to do full healing, giving her ultimate best. I have also attended a Level 1 Reiki Practitioners course led by Karen where I learned tools to help others and self healing techniques as well. I highly recommend Karen for Reiki treatments as well as for self-training in the Reiki method of healing.”