• What happens in a treatment session?

      Lying on a massage table fully clothed, the practitioner's hands are placed lightly on or slightly above the client's body, starting at the head and working down to the feet. Then lying on their stomach again starting at the head, practitioner’s hands are placed lightly on the body or slightly above the body the treatment ends at the feet. The entire treatment takes approx. 1-2 hours depending upon the client's needs. Treatments are usually done in silence, though the client may feel the need to discuss what they are feeling or emotion may arise that needs to be addressed by the practitioner. If given information Karen feels will benefit the client, this will be discussed during the session.

    • What can I expect to feel?

      You may feel heat where the practitioner’s hands are being placed or perhaps a tingling or a movement of energy through your body. You may see colors or images and at times the sense of strong feelings may arise.

    • What if I don't feel anything? Is the treatment still working?

      Some people will feel nothing but relaxed and may even fall asleep. This is very normal. Everyone is different and will have different experiences. Reiki has its own intelligence and will give to the client exactly the treatment that is needed at the time. Reiki can be and most often is completely different from appointment to appointment as your body will require different adjustments and attention to different areas that need focus.

    • How often should I go for a treatment?

      This will be determined at your first visit to Divine Grace Holistic Healing and the health concerns that need to be addressed will be noted for treatment. It is suggested that once a week for a month is a fair commitment to make to the body, mind, and spirit work you and your practitioner will be doing together and will be reassessed after this time.

    • Can I be injured in any way during a treatment?

      No. Reiki is gentle and unobtrusive and no harm can be done. It is simply healing energy running through your body and making subtle, though profound, adjustments where required.

    • Will I be tired afterward?

      Most often you will feel relaxed and refreshed. On occasion, if there have been many emotional releases during the treatment you may feel a rest at home will be needed and time to process the issues called forward.

    • Can you read my mind? Will you uncover some dark secret?

      If you can believe it people actually ask me this and it seems to be their biggest concern. Though I do get information from your body, your Guides, and the Angels, I will only be told of things that you are wanting or willing to share and need to work on. I am not a mind reader and I have no desire to know your thoughts/secrets.